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From Redundancy to Rebellious Web Design

 The Apex Web Story

Our Roots: Necessity, Neurodiversity, and a Dash of Rebellion

Hey there! Welcome to the cozy corner of the internet we call Apex Web. Our journey began not with a grand vision but out of necessity, sprinkled with a dash of rebellion. You see, our founder, Sean, found himself at the crossroads of redundancy – not just once, but several times over. Fuelled by a mix of frustration, a driving force of a husband, Kiko, and a burning desire to take control of his destiny, Apex Web was born.

Sean’s adventure took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with ADHD. This revelation opened up a new world of creativity and a realisation that the typical 9-5 grind might not be his cup of tea. Thus, Apex Web became his canvas, a place where being neurodivergent isn’t just accepted; it’s celebrated.

What We Believe In

We’re in the business of creating “wow” moments. There’s nothing quite like the look on someone’s face when they see their brand-new site for the first time, exceeding all their expectations. Our dream? To get every business in Ireland, big or small, online and thriving.

At Apex Web, we believe in crafting beautiful, user-focused websites that elevate your brand and help your business thrive. We’re committed to an inclusive approach, championing neurodiversity as a strength within our team.

The Peeps Behind Apex Web Design

Kiko (Left) & Sean (Right) from Apex Web Design
Kiko (Left) & Sean (Right)

Sean (he/him): Design-obsessed, tech-savvy, and fueled by a passion for crafting exceptional web experiences. A UK native with a love of adventure, I found my perfect partner in life (and business) in Kiko. We’re now happily settled in Ireland with our energetic pup, Rikki.


Kiko (Kiril) (he/him): With a background in photography, I bring a strong visual sense to the Apex team. Originally from Bulgaria, I’m drawn to the beauty found in both design and exploring nature. Meeting Sean in Malta was the start of our shared journey, and Ireland is the latest exciting chapter!


The Apex Web Design Advantage

While we’re small now, we’ve got big dreams of growing our team with more wonderfully neurodivergent minds. What’s unique about us:

  • Tailor-Made Solutions: We reject cookie-cutter templates. Every website we design is crafted around your unique business needs and brand personality.
  • Neurodivergent Strengths: Sean’s ADHD brings a laser-like focus to each project, allowing us to zero in on details that elevate your web presence.
  • A Team That Reflects You: We’re committed to building a diverse team of talented individuals, recognising the power of different perspectives in creating remarkable work.

Community Connection at Apex Web Design

Community is everything to us. From promoting LGBT and Neurodivergence events to helping DJs like Ashley Wallbridge sell their music online (take that, Spotify!), we’re all about making meaningful connections. Our social media channels are just starting to bloom, but we’ve got plans, big plans!

Our Journey So Far (and Where We're Headed)

Border collie on a couch appearing to be smiling giving side eye with a green ball in her mouth
Rikki Our Apex Web Border Collie Is Always Ready To Entertain!

Perfectionism is our blessing and our curse. Getting our own site to a place we loved was a Herculean task, but boy, was it worth it. The road hasn’t been easy, especially with the high standards we set for ourselves and our work. But seeing our visions (and those of our clients) come to life? That’s the sweet spot.

The next five years? We’re dreaming big. Think global reach, physical shops where you can pop in for a chat (and bring your dog – Sean’s & Kiko’s border collie, Rikki, would love the company), and more community events. The sky’s the limit, and we’re just getting started.

Join Us (And Rikki!)

Got an idea? A question? Just want to say hi? Our socials are open, and we love a good chat. Keep an eye out for future events, too. We can’t wait to see what we can create together. Oh and please follow our socials, thank you, please!

Welcome to Apex Web – where creativity meets connection, and everyone’s welcome. And their dogs!