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Smart Small Business Website Design Packages for Irish SMEs: What to Look For and What to Avoid

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Choosing the right website design package is crucial for any small business aiming to establish a robust online presence. For Irish SMEs, it’s about finding a solution that resonates with both local market nuances and broader business objectives. In this guide, we explore essential components of small business website design packages and highlight what to prioritise and what pitfalls to avoid to ensure your investment propels your business forward. If you’re ready to dive in, download our comprehensive guide now to start on the right foot.

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What to Look For in Website Design Packages

1. Comprehensive Service Offering

A suitable website package for Irish SMEs should cover everything from the initial design and development to post-launch support. Here are some key elements to look for:

  • Responsive Design: This ensures your site works seamlessly on all devices—very important as more people use mobiles and tablets to browse the internet.
  • Basic SEO Setup: This helps your site appear in search results when potential customers are looking for your products or services. It includes getting the right keywords that are relevant in Ireland and making sure your site’s description in search results appeals to your audience.
  • Content Management System (CMS): This tool lets you update your site’s content yourself, without needing technical skills. It’s essential for keeping your content fresh and engaging.

2. Scalability

Choose a package that grows with your business. It should allow for easy updates and the addition of new features or functionalities without a complete overhaul, supporting the dynamic nature of SMEs in Ireland.

3. Transparent Pricing

Clear, upfront pricing ensures there are no surprises. Packages should clearly state what’s included in the initial cost and outline any ongoing or potential future costs, such as:

  • Setup Fees: One-time costs to get your new site up and running.
  • Monthly Fees: Ongoing costs for hosting, maintenance, and updates.
  • Additional Costs: Charges for extra features or expedited services.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Common Web Design Pitfalls All Small Medium Size Business Should  Avoid
Common Web Design Pitfalls All Small Medium Size Business Should Avoid

1. Overpromising and Underdelivering

Be wary of packages that promise quick fixes or guaranteed rankings. Effective website design and SEO are ongoing efforts that require a strategic and sustained approach.

2. Inflexible Design Options

Avoid packages that offer only limited design templates without room for customisation. Your website should reflect your unique brand, which is especially important in the diverse Irish market where authenticity counts.

3. Lack of Support

Make sure the package includes comprehensive post-launch support to address any issues and updates your site may require. This is critical for maintaining long-term website health and performance.


“We chose a website package that was perfectly tailored to our needs, and the results were fantastic. Our redesigned site has not only increased traffic but also enhanced customer engagement significantly.” — Liam O’Brien, Founder of O’Brien Crafts

Irish Case Study

Consider Galway Craftworks, a small business that saw a 50% increase in online sales after selecting the right website design package. Their success was largely due to choosing a package that included responsive design, SEO optimised for the Irish market, and a scalable CMS, proving the value of a well-chosen package.


Selecting the right website design package is a crucial decision for Irish SMEs looking to expand their digital footprint. By focusing on comprehensive service offerings, scalability, and transparent pricing, and by avoiding common pitfalls, you can set your business up for online success.

Ready to enhance your online presence? Explore our Small Business Website Design Packages tailored specifically for the Irish market, or contact us for personalised advice.

With the right website package, your small business can thrive in the competitive online landscape, attracting more customers and growing sustainably. Make a smart investment today to secure your business’s future.

Download the Ultimate Web Redesign Checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared for your website transformation journey.

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